Monday, May 9, 2011

Landscape with malga

According to my dictionary, malga translates to "shepherd's hut in the Alps".
Sketched yesterday during a walk in the mountains. The big cloud timely arrived at the end of my drawing session, and filled a space too empty.
My landscapes are always "tasteless", unfortunately...(EDIT: "flavorless", not "tasteless", as blog readers pointed out)


  1. Fantastic Mario! Nothing tasteless about your work.

  2. Exactly. Do you mean "flavorless" as in, not spicy enough? Because tasteless means something much more negative.

  3. Thank you all for your comments, and yes, I meant "flavorless" (a foreign language is full of pitfalls). However, just to make my error more acceptable, look here:

    it seems that "tasteless" means "flavorless" too, but it's probably ambiguous and/or not used anymore...
    Anyway, what really terrifies foreigners is the relationship between spelling and pronunciation: a true nightmare... :)