Monday, May 11, 2009

The harper began to sing...

“The harper began to sing. His deep voice was fine and sweet, eloquently expressing his intent. He sang of the bitterness of defeat and the gut-wrenching carnage of war. He sang of boys...”

Every month James Gurney, the creator of Dinotopia, chooses a short quotation from a book and invites people to illustrate it (look for Art by Committee in his blog). I regularly visit Mr Gurney' blog, as it's full of beautiful art and interesting notes.

As to my image, it has been made in a "free mind attitude", and it shows. Sometimes I allow myself to freely draw what comes to my mind, the result is clearly rather messy in composition, proportion and perspective (and possibly anatomy, too), but often more interesting than a "planned" drawing - and it can be the starting point for more accurate works, too.

Comments and critics are welcome.