Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The boss

"You're fired!", he may say.

Done for no particular reason, except that in general I don't like bosses, or at least some kinds of bosses.
In two versions, as I didn't like the first attempt (the bottom one). Still quite unsatisfactory, but I should do something more focused on a couple of "projects" I'm working on.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Native Americans

While I'm fighting to produce some acceptable images on a couple of subjects (more sooner or later), I've done some drawings of native americans from the famous pictures by Edwars S. Curtis. These photos are a bit controversial, I know, but anyway I think the portraits are absolutely beautiful, and make good subjects for copying... or maybe I'm wrong: good photos are perfectly accomplished works of art, and they are not good as "references" or anything like that. Anyway, here are my attempts.

The figure on the right in the next drawing had to be reworked a little (still has some proportion issues), and turned out a bit stiff and strange

Done with graphite sticks and some final touches with pencil.