Monday, January 3, 2011

Airship Norge

The second project I'm working on is a set of images of airships.
I'm starting with some images inspired by the explorations of Umberto Nobile in the '20s, in particular the first polar expedition with airship Norge. However I'm not claiming that my images are faithful to real facts: I'm just fantasizing on them. I will probably make some completely "imaginative" pictures in the future.

Airships are magic objects, possibly the most beautiful and poetic technological objects ever made by men. They are huge and impressive, yet "light" and "immaterial"; they look like dreams made real.

I decided to mix 3D and 2D graphics, because airships are complicated objects which need an accurate rendering, and I don't like to draw mechanical objects. I'm not really fond of 3D (I don't have much fun with it), but that seemed the best option in this case.

The airship (made with the open-source program Blender):

and some settings, on digitally painted backgrounds:

Exploration of Svalbard island (two versions, same background):

The evening before leaving

Leaving in the morning


  1. Hello
    I enjoyed these very much!

    I have some simple airship drawings; and wondered if you might be interested in "playing" with them a bit, along the lines of what you have done with Norge....

    Darrell Campbell

  2. Thanx. Smart works. I repost all images in my LL AEROCRAT CONCEPT - there

  3. Unfortunately I can't read russian... anyway, please put a link to my blog.