Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ogres don't need an explanation, they are well known everywhere. There are some local variants for ogres that I will probably show in future drawings, but this a tipical one.

The drawing was made with an effective technique, which I learned from my teacher in a life drawing class I attended three years ago.
First, the paper is prepared by smearing and rubbing some graphite powder with an old rag o something similar, until it gets a middle gray value and a textured appearence (my drawing has little texture, however).
After removing the graphite in excess (be careful, this could have some consequences on your room), you draw and make darker areas with pencils, while "lifting" lighter areas with a kneaded eraser. Graphite is quite reworkable, and the process can be repeated indefinitely (provided that the paper is good enough), as you would do with forgiving media such as oil, acrylic or digital.
The process is actually more similar to painting than drawing, I think, obviously much more tone- than line-oriented, although lines can be beautifully integrated in the image.

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