Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Harvard Depository

This month James Gurney's Art by Committee is about a business card:


Trudy L. XXX
Operations Manager
A Depository for books and records
owned by Harvard University and operatied By XXX YYY

the "assignment is to illustrate the owner of the card and his or her profession based just on the card itself".

I'm not very expert with those new "odd" jobs, so I have simply imagined an old lady working in a book and record depository, a kind of bookworm ideally living among her beloved writers and artists. I hope I haven't completely missed the point.
I realized quite late that "Trudy" is female, so I simply put a kind of wig on the head of the old guy, and changed the dress a little...

Below is a version with some background, the question is always the same: more focus or more detail? (but good artists get both, actually...)


  1. I think you have the right concept. I finally posted something and submitted it to JG. Mine has less of the element of fantasy but hopefully it makes some sense:

  2. Hi Jared, I like your drawing, the lady has such a deep and interesting expression (but why didn't you upload the drawing in your new blog? It would be easier to comment for "blogspot" people...). I'm also interested in the title of your blog: "Unlearning to Draw". What do you mean exactly?